Highly Effective Targeted Campaigns

User Journeys and Conversion Funnels

User journeys and conversion funnels help you understand how visitors are interacting with your website. They identify the sections of your websites that have the highest user engagement, and this enables you to focus on these parts for a high return on investment.

A conversion funnel is a process that focuses on customers, and it involves: Brand awareness, User engagement and Purchase of products and services.

The awareness step concentrates on generating traffic to your website. Here potential costumers discover your business and visit your site for the first time.

Some of the key ways of bringing traffic include Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, SEO, and digital PR.

After potential customers discover your site, they start engaging with it. Website visitors share your brand’s content through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Some methods like multivariate testing and A/B testing can be used to optimize user engagement. This increases the number of people engaged which leads to improved conversion rate.

After they are satisfied with your site, customers are ready to purchase your products or services.

The 4 Step Approach to Digital Sales and Marketing.

User Journey

It is a path that visitors can take to a specific goal on your website like signing up for your mailing list to purchasing a product. You should consider the different journeys your website visitors will make and you should make use of Google Analytics that displays how users are navigating through your site and the ending of their journeys.

The conversion funnel and user journey are closely related as both display where user engagement is declining in your site. Mapping the user journey helps a business come up with alternatives to the active current journeys and improve on areas that are drifting.

Google Analytics

Online businesses should incorporate Google Analytics as it gives you insights on how people are engaging with your website. Google Analytics records engagement metrics and tracks your goals to see how long users are spending on each web page and how this affects the conversion funnel. With the insights, we can use data from heatmapping software to perform an analysis of different parts of a web page in a detailed manner.


The heatmapping software helps in analysing critical web pages on your website in a more comprehensive manner. This allows you to view the average time users are spending on different parts of the web page, where users are clicking, and how far they are scrolling. This helps businesses know the parts that are performing excellently and those that need optimisation or changing.


Keeping track of your site’s journeys is an integral part of conversion rate optimisation (CRO). When the conversion funnels are analysed, an online business can point the on-page elements or web pages that are not performing well. This enables one to focus on these elements and pages with A/B testing and multivariate testing, working out the optimal configuration which leads to an increase in your conversion rate. An improvement in this rate suggests more customers and more money for your business. This makes investing in conversion funnel analysis and user journey mapping a great strategy for your website’s performance.


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