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Re-marketing Advertising Campaigns

Re-marketing is one of the most effective online marketing strategies aimed at turning potential clients into customers. This is achieved through a data collection and analysis exercise aimed at identifying how users interact with your Ads and other online assets to pick out the most promising types for re-targeting.

Years of research have shown that it is easier to convert users with a history of interest for a certain product or service than completely new visitors.

A look at your web analytics or E-commerce stats will show you that a good number of visitors who interact with your content leave without making a purchase or converting. Some may add items into a wish list or even abandon a checkout midway. These are the right candidates for a re-marketing campaign.

Key Strategies for Effective Re-marketing Campaigns


We can deploy a number of sophisticated re-marketing techniques aimed at maximising conversions with a minimum budget. Many businesses tend to shy away from re-marketing since they see no value in targeting an audience they have already covered in the past.

This is a big mistake. Seasoned marketers are aware of the so-called “rule of seven” in marketing circles. You need to show a potential client your product or value proposition at least seven times for them to convert!

Identifying and Defining Your Audience

Does your website have the requisite tools to track users across the site and identify usage patterns? Identifying an audience for a re-marketing campaign is the first step, followed by defining the audience. There are tools or scripts we’ve made to help us to identify promising visitors that you can include in your re-marketing campaign.

These tools help us group visitors/leads into specific groups based on how they interact with your content so we can devise highly effective tailor-made campaigns to turn them into conversions. For instance, visitors who put an item into their wish list can be identified and re-targeted with a discount offer for their desired items!

Casting Your Nets Further Afield with Google Display Network(GDN)

Chances are that users who show interest in your content or products navigate away from your website and may even forget about you. The Google display network or GDN is one of the most effective re-marketing tools out there.

By placing display ads on different sites across the web, Google will help you reach out to your recent visitors wherever they go and remind them of your product so they can come back and make a purchase.

Re-marketing Through Email and Social Media

Do you have an email sign-up form or mailing list for your site? Email marketing is an incredibly effective re-marketing tool. You can encourage visitors to sign up onto your mailing list then later send them offers on products that they have shown an interest in before. This is a tried and tested re-marketing strategy used by millions of companies around the modern web. However, it’s important to structure your email campaigns in a way that encourages users to check out these products while respecting their privacy.

Social media has emerged as another platform to display re-marketing Ads. You’ve probably noticed sponsored Ads cropping up on your news feed closely related to some of the web content you interacted with elsewhere. By deploying SMM tools available to online marketers, we can display your Ads to social media users who have shown an interest in your products or services in the recent past.

These are just a sample of the techniques we can deploy to ensure you get returns from well executed re-marketing campaigns. However, re-marketing is a broad topic. There are countless approaches and techniques we can use depending on your specific needs as a business.


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