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Mobile SEO

Online mobile traffic has slowly overtaken all other forms of traffic and continues to grow at a steady pace as mobile technologies become cheaper and more sophisticated. According to statistics, 52.2 percent of global website traffic came from mobile devices in 2018. According to a recent study, mobile penetration in the UK is at 78 percent.

Mobile SEO and mobile marketing are becoming an incredibly effective business strategy for most businesses in the UK. Any business cannot afford to ignore the great potential that the mobile internet possesses. It will boost your sales and help you reach more customers than ever before. Mobile SEO helps UK businesses increase leads and conversions.

Our 4 Key Approaches to Better Mobile SEO

Responsive Design

It is no longer a buzzword, responsive design is a must-have for the modern web environment. Google’s Rankbrain algorithm highlights how users react on your site as a key ranking factor. Customers are accessing your websites in all manner of mobile devices with varying screen sizes, processing power, shapes, etc. Responsive design is a major component of effective mobile SEO.

If Visitors will find it easier to interact with your content and navigate. You will have an easier time expanding your online assets and adding more content/resources using a standardised yet flexible responsive format. Responsive design is the recommended design pattern for great mobile SEO.

Google and other major search engines will have an easier time indexing your content and sending visitors to your site.

Dynamic Serving

Another approach for better mobile experiences across the board. It involves generating custom HTML on the same URL that is tailor-made for a specific device visiting your website.

Content Optimisation

Does your website contain mobile-friendly content? Mobile SEO also involves optimising all the content in your website to display as desired on mobile. This involves auditing and streamlining how all types of media assets are displayed on mobile. Scripts and any other interactive content should be optimised for mobile devices as well. We make sure your website runs smoothly across all platforms and devices.

Inform Google

Your website may adhere to all the SEO requirements for mobile but still miss out on Google’s ranking. Mobile SEO includes triggers informing Google bots that your online assets are optimised for mobile so it can serve them when mobile users do a search.

Do you have an alternative mobile-friendly version of your website? You should make Google aware so it can serve your content correctly in search. We will help and guide you through this to ensure your website is as mobile friendly as possible.


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What You Should Know About Mobile SEO

Traditional search engine optimisation is geared more towards desktop traffic. Mobile SEO bridges the gap by helping businesses optimise their online assets for the ever-growing mobile traffic. It’s about making your websites and other online resources work for mobile devices and browsers which in turn leads to better search ranking and more traffic.

SEO Is Becoming More About Mobile

In the past, Google used to serve up both mobile friendly and non-optimized links on their results, that is no longer the case. Google’s mobile-friendly update now gives priority to sites adhering to mobile SEO. This means that businesses with traditional websites will see their ranking fall regardless of the content and authority they may have on the desktop. On top of this, the use of maps is becoming more popular each day, optimising your site for mobile will improve your map pack rankings.

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