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Local SEO

A business cannot survive without a solid command of its local clientele. Your business may not be strictly local in nature but it’s important that you rank highly when it comes to local search terms. It’s your closest customers that will eventually become loyal and push your business beyond the local environment. Google and other search engines will accord your business the trust it needs once they realise that you are trusted by the people closest to you.

What Is Local SEO All About?

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a tried and tested online strategy used to capture the attention of local clients. Local SEO has become even more effective with the exponential growth of the mobile internet and E-commerce in recent years. Now most people go online to research or find things and services they are interested in: be it a haircut, consultancy services, personal coaching, child care services, etc.

Assuming you’ve been invited to this dinner party which everyone in the office has been on about. However, there is a catch; you are required to dress formally. You may not fancy formal outfits so your closet is clearly wanting in that department, so what do you do? You fire up your smartphone and google “best place to buy an outfit for a formal dinner party” and voila there is a local boutique specialising in dinner wear right at the top of the search results! That is the power of local SEO. If I am a local business owner, I should ensure that people find me at the top of the results when they Google my business.

How Can My Business Benefit from Local SEO?

Local SEO Equals Better Sales

Remember better local SEO is directly proportional to sales; most businesses are able to convert a good percentage of local organic visitors into customers. Assuming you have a great product or service you want to sell, chances are that people who see you on the first page on google and are within your locality will check you out.

Local Seo Builds Trust

Local SEO is a great strategy for gaining the trust and confidence of local customers. People tend to accord a higher level of trust to businesses that rank highly on Google and other major search engines. It’s like gaining some form of validation when you are among the recommended sites to visit whenever a visitor finds you organically via a normal search online.

Local SEO Helps Customers to Discover Your Business.

Your business may not have a prime location or prominent storefront in a nice street. Local SEO will help people in your locality to discover your business and give you a call or pay you a visit. These are potential customers who wouldn’t have been able to find you or even know you existed.

These four reasons are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to local SEO. There is so much more you can gain by putting your business at the top of the local search results relevant to whatever you are selling.

When Improving Your SEO We...

Optimized Websites-Your site should be populated with relevant and useful information that local visitors are looking for.

Google maps Marketing-Is your business listed on Google maps? Most visitors use google maps to find local businesses today.

Link building- Ensuring your local clientele are talking and linking to your business online. Local SEO provides authentic and highly effective local link building to boost your visibility in all relevant platforms.


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