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LinkedIn Advertising Management

LinkedIn is one of the world’s biggest business networks with over 10 million users in 2013. LinkedIn provides B2B advertising platforms that allows one to target people by seniority, by location, by job titles or qualification, and by company name.

LinkedIn Ads

Posting ads is the main way of advertising through LinkedIn. These ads appear on your newsfeed. The ads include a small text and image that captures people’s attention so that the number of clicks can improve. It is a challenge to get many clicks as people tend to ignore these ads.

These days when it comes to LinkedIn Ads, you can create ads based on your goals. To successful advertise on LinkedIn, your goals should be:

  • Website conversions
  • Lead generation
  • Video views
  • Engagement
  • Website visits
  • Brad awareness
  • Job applications

The most common objectives associated with LinkedIn advertising is job applications, lead generations, and the number of website visits and video views.

LinkedIn is not as efficient as Facebook; therefore, putting all your budget on LinkedIn ads might not be the most affordable option for every business. A more direct objective such as website conversions or job application is more effective.


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Sponsored content

Sponsored content allows one to send an advert to a target group and it shows up in their newsfeed. Due to the interaction with the main feed, sponsored content gives better results than straight ads. To optimize the performance of your sponsored content, you will need high-quality content, and it helps in making sure that the content is hosted on your site and you have a way of creating conversions.

Share your posts with the target audience: broadcast company news, SlideShare presentations, useful articles, upcoming promotions, and YouTube & Vimeo videos. The ads appear on the home page feed for tablet, mobile, and desktop.

Why use sponsored content?

  • Get more clicks and impressions
  • Attract more followers for your business
  • Entice the target audience to click to a new landing page
  • Boost awareness for your brand

LinkedIn and B2B

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the UK, and that’s why B2B businesses benefit the most from LinkedIn advertising. Through LinkedIn advertising, companies are able to generate new customs and new leads, including professional services and financial services businesses, where there is a large audience on the platform. LinkedIn gives B2B marketers incredible target options, but it is only helpful if you know the professional side of your audience. LinkedIn ads are becoming more popular day by day, which suggests that the advertising costs are surging. However, the long term benefits are tremendous and surpass the expenses incurred in managing these ads, especially for B2B.

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