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Since its foundation in October 2010 Instagram has been the fastest ever growing social media network. Now with over 1 billion worldwide users it’s safe to say its a social media channel that cannot be ignored. Do you own a company Instagram account? Are you frustrated with low engagement you get on posts or the number of followers you’ve managed to attract so far? We all have been there, you spend time and even money to create a stunning company IG account. You even pay Professional photographers to snap those cracking images that will attract the most reactions. You fill your account with all kinds of interesting content but only get a couple of likes and followers for your effort!

Companies are boosting their sales, leads, and visibility through paid for posts and targeted ads on Instagram!

We Have Winning Strategies for Instagram Ads

Sending Followers to Your Website

Instagram is a unique platform for companies looking to grow their audience and hopefully, get customers. Unlike other platforms out there, IG does not allow you to post links to your website or landing page on posts. You have to keep directing followers to the link in the bio. This can be frustrating for companies, but we happen to have a winning strategy to boost your click-through rates.

Grow Your Instagram Following

You have an interesting page on Instagram, but how do you get followers? Where do you even start? We can deploy growth strategies to identify the appropriate audience for your business and build your following while creating lasting relationships with them.

We Connect with Influencers to Boost Your Visibility

Influencers are people who command a significant audience in a particular industry. They range from celebrities to athletes, social media gurus to bloggers. We can link your business to relevant influencers in your industry to send people to your Instagram page. Influencers don’t just send followers your way; they can be used to boost conversion rates as well.

Creating Exceptional and Highly Engaging Content

Instagram is all about images. People check their Instagram to view interesting and entertaining content. Dull content will elicit fewer reactions and even shrink your audience. We can help you come up with highly effective content ideas to keep your Instagram followers hooked.

Profitable Advertising On Instagram (Higher ROIs)

Beyond normal posts, you need to spend some money to boost your sales on IG. There are a number of advertising channels available for companies who would like to tap into Instagram’s powerful sponsored posts Ad Platform. Here are a few examples:

Photo Ads- A picture is worth a thousand words. We can help you tell your story in a beautiful yet simple picture that can be displayed to a relevant audience according to your specifications.

Video Ads- Sponsored Video Ads are a powerful advertising tool on Instagram. We add motion and sound to your sponsored Instagram stories to capture the desired audience and pass your message in a more precise and engaging format.

Carousel Ads- We can add more depth to photo ads by allowing viewers to swipe across an image gallery. This is great for online sellers who want to showcase their featured products to a wider Instagram audience.


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Laser Sharp Targeting

Instagram advert tools have powerful targeting algorithms that enable us to display your ads to only those users who are most likely to engage with your products and make a purchase.

We will find your ideal customers and promote your business to the people that are most likely to convert.

Instagram Is a Powerful Advertising Platform

Instagram is home to over 1 billion active users globally, and about 13.7 million are in the UK alone. It is becoming one of the most popular advertising platforms for B2C companies, especially those targeting the younger generation. Since its acquisition in 2012 by Facebook, Instagram advertisers got access to powerful targeting and retargeting advertising tools that have been refined across the Facebook Ad eco-system for years.


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