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Google Shopping Campaign Management

Do you run an E-commerce platform? Would you like to improve your sales through targeted Ads? Are you struggling with keywords and skyrocketing bidding costs? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should consider Google shopping Ads.

Google Shopping- A Powerful E-Commerce Advert Platform

Google shopping is by far the most powerful E-commerce advertising platforms available today. Did you know that 92 percent of web traffic passes through Google search? It is the most popular and by consensus, the powerful search engine out there. Google ads are used by businesses in all sectors across the UK. Google shopping ads or PLAs (Product Listing Ads) are used by UK companies to showcase products on the search results pages relevant to the user’s search terms.

Users often search for products on Google, now they can browse through entire product catalogues by selecting on the shopping tab on the results page. This a great platform for retailers to showcase their products based on search trends increasing click-through rates and brand visibility.

Reach A Wider Audience by Tapping into Google’s Broad Clientele

Google advertising has been the underlying financial anchor for both Google and the companies that use it for years. It is the reason for Google’s existence, it is how Google pays its bills and how companies who use google find customers.

Whether you are an E-commerce company or just looking for new markets for your brick and mortar business, Google shopping can help you reach a wider audience if you deploy a solid data-driven Ad campaign for your products.


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Our Key Ways To Highly Successful Google Shopping Ads

Big Data for Google Shopping Management

The Google shopping ad platform is quite powerful but can deliver underwhelming returns if an advertiser does not deploy a solid winning strategy for their PLAs. It isn’t just about listing your products on Google shopping and waiting for sales. We are living in the era of Big Data, companies (who could be your competitors) are deploying deep learning algorithms in data science applications aimed at understanding their customers and targeting them with the products they need, at a price they can’t resist and at the right time.

Data should inform your Google shopping Ads. That is why we take time to collect analyse and fine-tune data about your audience to create a highly effective product listing advert on Google shopping. Google shopping Ad campaigns are not cheap; you should go for a solution that ensures every penny is put into good use. Data-Driven Google shopping management guarantees better returns on investment(ROIs).

Optimising Your Product Listings for Greater Visibility

Product metadata elevate your products in the Google shopping ranking pages. Clear and precise product names and descriptions that match what the users are looking for. There are deep learning analysis tools and indicators that inform how winning products are presented to the Google algorithm.

Remember Google wants to send its users to the products they are looking for –relevance is key. The bots don’t care if you have spent money to be on Google shopping if you can’t match set criteria. Your competitors could still rank higher than you if you botch your product presentation, this is where we come in.

Cutting Edge Tools for Better PLAs

We avail tried and tested tools and techniques to fine-tune your product listings and make them appealing to the Google product search algorithms and customers as well.

Good listings also attract better star ratings which boost trust and sales! These techniques range from the use of Negative Keywords to optimised product feeds and campaign centre optimisation.


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