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The Google Ads platform allows businesses to advertise to customers across the other side of the world or just down the street. This flexibility and hyper focused approach means you can capture the attention of potential customers from anywhere in the world.

We have created hundreds of targeted campaigns for clients and completely understand how best to setup and manage all types of Google Ads.

From small localised marketing to generate more customers, to national eCommerce campaigns driving sales we have the experience and expertise to continually deliver results.

The 4 Key Ways To Highly Successful Google Ads

Laser Sharp Targeting

Google ad campaigns cost money, so it’s important to have a clear understanding of who your core audience is. Who are you targeting? What search terms are they using on Google? What devices are they using? What kind of content are they interested in? What about numbers-how big is your potential audience? When is the best time to launch your Google Ad campaign, is it black Friday or maybe Easter?

These are the fundamental questions whose answers inform your Google ad targeting strategy. These questions will help you choose the right keywords and capture the right audience at the right time. A failure at this stage means lost money and untold frustrations.

Fine-Tuning Your Sales Funnels and Value Proposition

How are your ads structured? What will a visitor gain by clicking on your display ad, i.e. your value proposition? For instance, a person could type the “best place to buy roman, pleated vertical house blinds, awnings, and shutters in Nottingham”.

Do you have, within your sales funnel, a specific channel through which such a customer can access this product? (or information that you actually do have this specific product in store?).

Google ads can be fine-tuned to identify such promising searches and channelling them to landing pages.

Managing Your Bids Strategically

If you didn’t know this already, Google ads are based on a competitive bidding structure.

You get a good ROI by maintaining high-Quality Scores based on a solid bid strategy.

Do you want to get clicks, impressions or conversions?

Choosing the right bidding strategy is critical towards achieving your goals and managing expenses while at it.

Testing and Retargeting

A/B tests are part and parcel of any Google ad campaigns.

Some keywords send lots of traffic to your site without conversions while others are too competitive and can cost a lot of money.

Re-targeting can be used as a growth strategy and as a means to test and find out what works best for your business.


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Why Your Business Needs Google Ads

Google ads have become quite effective over the years as a means of generating paid traffic to any business for better conversions and increased sales.

Of course, this has created stiffer competition online as more and more businesses discover the enormous potential in online marketing, lead generation and sales.

This is why it is important to find a winning strategy when it comes to Google ads and continuously refining it to stay on top.

Make Google Ads Work for You

Winning in the Google ads game mainly comes down to optimized campaigns.

It’s about formulating a plan and putting it into effect.

It’s about choosing your audience and targeting and re-targeting. Last but not least, it’s about analyzing your competition and devising ways to beat them fairly with carefully planned and executed Google Ad Campaigns.

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