Highly Effective Targeted Campaigns

Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Facebook has become one of the most popular business-to-consumer advertising platforms, with more than 2 million active advertisers and over 700 million daily users . Facebook gives advertisers like you access to a wide audience with well-defined needs and preferences from the get-go. It’s an excellent platform to display targeted Ads for your products.

Facebook provides a level of interactivity and feedback mechanism not found elsewhere on the web and we are the perfect agency in Nottingham to help you excel with Facebook ads.

We have devised strategies to specialise your ROI’s when it comes to Facebook Ad campaigns. We have a team of experienced digital marketers based in Nottingham that specialise in using Facebook Ad campaigns to bring cost-effective leads for your business. Check out our strategies for effective Facebook ad management.

Strategies to Make the Best Out of Facebook Ads

Affordable Facebook Advertising

You don’t have to break the bank to run a successful campaign on Facebook. With our active campaign monitoring and A/B testing tools, we can significantly lower the cost of getting conversions through our Adsets by closely monitoring the CPM/CPC ratios and dynamically changing our approach to make sure you get value for your money.

Facebook offers flexible billing plans. We can run your Facebook Ads on any budget; it’s one of the cheapest but highly effective targeted advertisers out there. You can spend less on Facebook ads than you spend on Tea each day depending on your needs.

Highly Effective Facebook Ads

There is nowhere else on the Internet where a business can access potential clients more directly than Facebook. Results can be rapid if you can capture your target demographics’ interests and preferences well. It’s even easier to run re-targeting campaigns on Facebook Ads. Facebook is so good at capturing the interests of your visitors across the web and availing that data for highly accurate re-targeting campaigns for advertisers like you.

Research Driven Facebook Management

Running a successful ad on Facebook involves a lot of research. We do product research to come up with the best formula that will push whatever you are selling to the fore. Finding a custom audience is critical for better ROIs on Facebook Ad campaigns. Remember there are over 16.2 million active Facebook users in the UK alone. You can’t afford to shoot in the dark when it comes to advertising on Facebook. Finding the right/custom audience that is already interested in what you are selling is our business.

Compelling Ad Copy

Writing a cracking Facebook ad copy is critical for the success of an Advertising campaign. Your Ad copy must be compelling and show potential customers why they should choose your product or service over others. We create highly effective Facebook Ad copies that encourage users to engage with our ads and make a purchase.


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Hybrid Facebook Advertising Strategy

People access Facebook on different devices and platforms. Some use tablets some on the desktop, others could be on slow connections. Your target audience can be grouped into 5 distinct awareness levels; unaware, problem aware, solution aware, product aware and most aware. Their level of awareness shows us how much they understand your product and we have a unique approach for each group for effective ad targeting on Facebook.

Profitable Ad Bidding On Facebook

Advertising on Facebook can be confusing especially for those without a deep understanding of the platform. Do you go for CPA (cost per action), CPM (cost per mile), OCPM (optimized cost per mile) or CPC (cost per click)? Choosing the right bidding strategy is essential as different products or services perform differently across the available options. Needs do change throughout your ad campaign hence the need to rotate the strategies dynamically. For instance, CPMs are great for initial visibility while CPC’s can be used later in the campaign to boost conversion rates.

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