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Digital marketing can be an overwhelming undertaking, especially for small businesses or start-ups operating on a shoe-string budget. It’s structured in such a way that companies have to maintain constant contact with their customers at all times. Most digital marketing platforms favor a B2C approach to selling yet not many companies possess the capacity to deal with all the processes required to make a sale and fulfill them. This is where sales funnels come in.

You must be tired of having to answer numerous and repetitive queries about products you’ve placed online. Following up with leads that end up being extremely time consuming with little or no returns. Often you have to manually reconfigure your e-commerce platform to react to a rapidly changing environment. What if there was a way to package your entire sales and marketing process into one lean, automated and streamlined process? In comes click funnels and digital marketing funnels. Saving you time while increase your sales!

The 4 Step Approach to Digital Sales and Marketing.


Traditionally, buyers were expected to go through a predictable inverted sales funnel which consisted of the following steps; Awareness, Interest, desire and action. This was easy, but in the modern business world things have changed. Today’s consumer more complicated than ever. They have access to a greater selection of tools and are accessible through several platforms on the digital space. Today’s sales funnel isn’t really a funnel in strict terms.

Here is what works today;


This is the stage where a consumer becomes aware of the existence of a certain product (could be your product). This could through a Google search, banner Ad social media post etc. They’re are millions of brands fighting for awareness each day we make sure you stand out to the correct people.


The tricky part for most sellers today. Here a customer will take time to understand all aspects of your product. How much it costs, what value it contains, how they can access the product (shipping costs, availability, easy checkouts etc.), pricing etc. There are free price comparison tools available out there and a good number of them will try and find the best deal. This is the most critical step of the sales process. A good sales funnel will capture their lead at this stage and send them to the next step. This is where we promote the key selling points of your business.


Congratulations! Your sales funnel has delivered; you now have a customer. But wait, this is not the end you need to keep going.

Post Purchase Experience

Now you have a customer but the ball is on your court. How fast can you deliver the product? Can you help your customer if they have a problem? Do you have a return policy? This is the stage where you can create loyal customers. Voila! You are now in the digital age. Welcome to the future. This means you now have returning customers creating a steady cash flow for your business. Creating business stability and growth.


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Create an Autonomous Winning Platform

In the modern world business owners are hopelessly overworked. This is partly due to the migration of archaic marketing and sales platforms into the highly competitive and dynamic digital marketplace.

You don’t need to create custom proposals for each client that knocks on their digital door, never spend time launching and re-launching products like in a traditional business. These methods don’t work in the digital space. You will end up spending countless hours with negligible returns.

Creating an automated platform that funnels your leads to the core of your business is the first and probably most important step in creating a winning sales funnel in the digital marketplace.

Your customers will have a clear understanding of your value proposition and credibility. The platform will guide them on the steps to take to have a mutually beneficial relationship with your business. The end product is time saved, better understanding and more money in the bank.

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