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Bing may not be the most popular search engine today, but it still commands a significant percentage of the search market globally. Microsoft products are still used widely in businesses and homes around the world. Most of them come with Bing as a default search engine. Less technical people can’t be bothered to change their default search engine; a good percentage can’t tell the difference between search engines on their browser.

This is why you can’t ignore Bing in your online marketing strategy.

Bing has been growing steadily over the years as Microsoft refines its search algorithm and invests heavily on AI and deep learning. Bing powers most of Yahoo’s searches based on a 2012 agreement. According to recent stats, about 26% of UK searches are done on Bing.

We are experienced at managing Bing Ads to increase traffic, leads, conversions and profits to businesses across a range of industries.

Bing Ads Will Extend Your Reach: Here’s Why

Bing Ads Are On an Upward Trend

Recent stats in search advertising across the industry saw Microsoft’s Bing ad revenue grow by 23% while Google ads fell by 11% worldwide.

Bing Ads are less competitive- Search advertising is a competitive bid based ecosystem. However, not many people are spending money on Bing advertising, meaning you can get a good deal on most keywords due to low competition.

Bidding for keywords on Bing is significantly cheaper than Google Ads (about 70% cheaper!). This is great for small businesses or those targeting a very specific audience.

Bing Ads Offers More Control

The Bing ad management interface offers much more granular control over ad campaigns than Google Ads.

You can fine-tune specific aspects of an ad campaign like geographic locations, time and target audience without having to re-launch a campaign.

Bing Ads Offer More Integration to Social Media

For instance. You can display the number of Facebook and Twitter followers on your ads.

We can integrate more social extensions on your Bing Ad campaign as compared to Google, which only offers their own Google+ extension.

Compelling Ad Copy

Writing a cracking Facebook ad copy is critical for the success of an Advertising campaign. Your Ad copy must be compelling and show potential customers why they should choose your product or service over others.

We create highly effective Facebook Ad copies that encourage users to engage with our ads and make a purchase.


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Revenue Increase

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Organic Traffic

See how we cleaned up CleanSafe Services search results and got them to the top of Google search rankings with an incredible increase in online traffic and rankings

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Local wedding car business Cupid Carriages tasked us with increasing the amount of online enquiries they recieve through search, social all while raising there industry presence.

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Here are some of our Key Winning Strategies/Approaches to Bing Ads

Working Seamlessly Between Google Ads and Bing

It’s incredibly easy to migrate or replicate Google ad campaigns into Bing Ads.

We understand that most of the search traffic remains with Google, hence the reason why you should maintain a presence on both platforms.

Importing an ad campaign done on Google can be automated but proper care is needed since both platforms work differently.

Budget Optimisation –Make Your Money Work for You

As mentioned before, Bing ads are less competitive and can be cheaper than Google Ads.

It is therefore important to take advantage of the ad rates on Bing by trying out different budgets to optimize cost while getting a good ROI.

Discovery and Targeting

Bing demographics are quite different from Google. Understanding the type of users on Bing can help us discover new keywords and trends that can inform targeting and re-targeting campaigns. Bing is great for businesses targeting a small but specific demographic.

What are you waiting for? Launch your Bing ad campaign with us today and take advantage of this powerful platform before it becomes too competitive!

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