How to Make the Perfect Instagram Feed

Whenever people visit you Instagram, the first thing that they look for when peeking through your profile is your feed. Yes, you want your profile to look good. But with Instagram maturing, long gone are the days’ when having beautiful photos was the fad-You also need an engaging and cohesive feed!

To help you have an engaging feed on Instagram, we have compiled steps that you will take to make an Instagram feed.

Choose a Grid Layout

Unlike Facebook, Instagram is a visual-first platform. So, users are highly likely to follow accounts with a curated grid as opposed to those with an inchoate assortment of images. Therefore, having an appropriate grid layout that suits your theme and audience is essential for an interactive feed. Moreover, having a grid layout enables you to position your photos and start a consistent Instagram theme. For the best curated Instagram feed, you should preview it in grid format first.

Select a Theme

Have you ever stumbled on an Instagram account only to fall in love with it to the extent of surfing through its pictures, for, like 10 minutes? Well, you might not have been keen on how much time you took on that Instagram, but it is highly likely that it had a beautiful theme. Likewise, to make a cohesive Instagram feed, you need a theme. It is the overall look of your Instagram. So, do you want a minimal a white, moody or tropical theme? There are various themes available, and you only need to decide on one that suits you. You may choose fashion, food, travel, etc.

Choose Something That You Want To Post.

An Instagram theme is not just restricted to the colours in your photos. It also entails what you want to post. Admittedly, this may be quite challenging, especially when if you’re posting photos on remarkably different niches all the time. But for consistency, get something that you are passionate about and post photos on the same. Most established Instagrammers have learnt that through talking about the same topic repeatedly, they can attract a considerable following.

Select One Filter and Maintain It

Without a filter, a theme doesn’t make any sense. Like an outfit that gives you an outward appearance, a filter gives your feed the aesthetic appeal. It can either break or make your look. Therefore, choosing the right filter will help you to get a cohesive look. The problem with choosing a wrong one is that your filter and photos will clash. It is recommended that you use the same filter on all your photos whenever you start a theme.

Rearrange the Sequence of Your Posts

At this point, you must be having your Instagram layout in mind. By now you have already decided how you want your overall theme to look like, what you want to post and you have selected a filter. Good! Generally, your theme is beginning to come out clearly. Now, your focus is on the flow; you want your theme to flow seamlessly.

Have you ever wondered why some Instagram feeds look so good? The secret is in the arrangement of the photos- which photo to place next to the other. So, you have to rearrange your posts to give your overall feed a flow. Undeniably, this may not be an easy achievement because it is quite difficult to guess how you will post the photos to have a flowing feed. However, if you use a preview app to reorganise the sequence of posts, you can preview your Instagram posts before publishing. Once you upload your videos/photos in the app, you can repeatedly drag and drop around to see where they fit. If they are unbefitting, you can erase them from the Preview fed.

While the preview app comes in handy, you still need to decide on which photo needs to be next to the other. The trick here is to spend sufficient time moving your photos around until you are contented with the overall appearance of your feed. Luckily, a grid layout enables you to ascertain what to post and when. If you are not using a grid layout, then you have to balance your feed. You will have to space your photos based on available criteria such as background, subject or colour. Generally, avoid placing too similar photos beside each other to create some contrast between your posts. By so doing, your overall feed will get some balance.

Colour Coordinate

Select 2-3 colours that you’re sure you will be using in your photos. Once you have the colours, space out your photos to ensure that your theme remains balanced.

Remember To Check Your Instagram Photos’ Background.

If you know how to frame your photos, you can easily enrich the impact of a scene. Always think of the appropriate camera angles, symmetry, background, lighting and balance when taking a photo. Clearly select the focus, detach it from the background mess and give it all the attention it deserves. Keep the subject clean!

Use the Same Border

Though borders aren’t necessary for your Instagram photos, they give space between photos and give your feed some breath. When you have photos with different colours, edges make them flow and give your feed a cohesive appeal. The Preview app provides several borders that you can use. However, you may be tempted to use several borders, which may make the entire feed messy. To stay safe, try using the same border as this will make the feed to look polished

Use Natural Light

Factually, natural light produces more detailed photos. Now, for your Instagram photos, you need to know that natural light makes your photos to look better when you use filters. Maybe try shooting your photos near a window, in the morning, or towards the end of the afternoon.

Plan and Schedule You Feeds

Nowadays, Instagram is no longer “instant” as it was before. You must always work on your Instagram in chunks by dedicating time to shoot and edit content for future feeds. By scheduling your posts, your weekly Instagram management becomes a breeze. Also, you can post more consistently at optimal times, and this increases your exposure and logically followers.