Free Marketing Tools and add-ons

Best Free Marketing Tools and add-ons

Whether you’re a business owner, employee, freelancer or work for a digital marketing agency the finding tools and plugins to increase productivity is something everyone loves.

What’s better than a tool that helps increase productivity? One that is also free!

The list below is a highlight of tools anyone with an interest in digital marketing can utilise to increase productivity in the workplace.


What is Canva?

Canva is an easy-to-use online design tool. Perfect to help you design social media images, posters and presentations. Canva is both a website and an app which can be downloaded on to both iPhone and Android devices. -

How can Canva benefit your business?

Canva will save you loads of time in the design of your image assets. Canva’s templates allow you to easily size your templates and find fonts that perfectly complement your images.


What is Snovio?

Snovio is a chrome add-on which allows you to access email addresses linked to the website you are currently browsing. It does require sign-up although it is free there is paid options which allow you to do more bulk searches. -

How can Snovio benefit your business?

Snovio is a key tool for anyone who wants to improve their outreach, whether this is for pr, link building or any other reason. Snovio gives you the full name and email address of employees at a business. One tip is to view meet the team pages and see who works in the role most relevant to your outreach emails.

What is Check my Links?

Check my links is a free link checker that allows you to crawl through a website and highlights broken links. Check my links is developed by

Check my links is both perfect for checking link errors on your own site and offers perfect potential link building opportunities. The Chrome browser extension is extremely easy to use and perfect for anyone who has an interest in link building.

Facebook Pixel Helper

What is Facebook Pixel Helper?

Facebook pixel helper is a tool that helps you quickly check and validate a pixel on the website you are currently browsing.

How can Facebook Pixel Helper benefit your business?

Not only can the Facebook Pixel helper allow you to check your own pixel is working, but it also allows you to check if your competitors are running a pixel on one of their webpages. The Facebook pixel helper is developed by Facebook and designed to help you gain a detailed overview of the page’s pixels, including warnings, errors and successes.

Built With

What is Built With?

BuiltWith is a chrome extension that lets you find out what a business is built with and what plugins they are using while you are browsing the site.

How can Built With benefit your business?

BuiltWith allows you to find out all the technology it can find on a page, this allows you to find what plugins competitors are using. This is especially helpful for developers and designers who want to be inspired by other sites as BuiltWith allows you to discover what tools are being implemented.


What is Buffer?

Buffer is a social media planner website and app. Buffer allows for cross-platform scheduling supporting the largest social networks.

How can buffer benefit your business?

Buffer can help you schedule your social media feeds. Buffer can sync with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Buffer also has a chrome extension that allows you to share links, pictures and videos from anywhere on the web directly onto your social feeds.

Uber suggests

What is Ubersuggests?

Uber suggests is a website made by Neil Patel which offers a range of useful tools. Seo Analyzer, A/B Calculator, Uber suggests keyword overview and backlink checker.

How can Ubersuggest benefit your business?

Neil Patel’s site offers a good range of free marketing tools to both help you optimise your own site and also gain information on your competitor’s site. Ubersuggest’s offers help with your keyword research, SEO optimisation and backlink profiling.


What is Hotjar?

Hotjar allows you to see how users engage with your website. Their free plan allows you to use view interactive heatmaps of your user’s actions and clicks from their session on your website.

How can Hotjar benefit your business?

Hotjar is the perfect plugin for Conversion Rate Optimisation. The session recordings are a perfect way to see what assets of your web pages attract the most attention from users.

To ensure your digital marketing strategy succeeds in having the tools is crucial, hopefully, the tools on this list can help you increase productivity and meet your business goals. If you use a tool that you believe should be added to the list feel free to send us a message.