2019 Local SEO Google MyBusiness Categories List

2019 Local SEO Google MyBusiness Categories List

So you are a local business and setting up your local Google MyBusiness listing and just can’t work out exactly what category you fit into well this is where we are here to help. We’ve managed to pull off the entire list of Google MyBusiness 2019 category’s for you to go through (Aren’t we good to you) and after going through them we found almost 4,000 category’s!

What Are Google MyBusiness Categories and Why Do I Need Them?

If you are just setting up your listing or want to fully optimise your listing this is the information you’ll need to make sure Google puts you in the right category to get you found. As a local SEO agency we use this all the time and find no end of listings are under the wrong categories so we made this post to make it easier for everyone to find the exact information they need! For local business this is key!

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Google MyBusiness Categories Things to remember

Welcome to the Google MyBusiness Category list 2019!

Since this list is HUGE and quite intense to go through 1 by 1, which we wouldn’t suggest you may want to use find in your browser to find the exact information you need. You can do this by using your keyboard to type CMD + “F” on a Mac or CTRL + “F” on a PC and search for your business type.

The Epic list is below: